We design custom electronics and embedded software to help you solve problems for which existing solutions are not enough.

Embedded Software and Hardware in Stockholm Sweden

I design electronics and develop embedded software. Need to bring your product to market? Need a prototype for an idea? Contact me and get a quote today info@swedishembedded.com. My business is based in Stockholm in the far away country called Sweden. But don’t let this deter you - I have worked for many years over the internet so working over slack and email is nothing new for me.

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Embedded Solutions for more reliable products

Fewer limits, quick response times, and reliable solutions

PCB Design

At the heart of every electronic system is a PCB. We do our own PCB designs and get them manufactured for you.


We have long experience in realtime hardware and RTOS

Open Source

We use BSD3 licensing for our own code and save cost for you by making use of existing open source projects where appropriate.

CAN & EtherCAT

Connect your embedded devices using flexible and reliable realtime bus architectures for fast response times.


We can provide expertise to companies both in person and over the internet at an hourly rate.


We can get started quickly by first adopting one of our existing products to solve your problem before making a cost efficient solution.

Control Systems

Tuning of PID controllers, system identification, control theory.

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Call (+46)733-38-76-94, or email to info@swedishembedded.com

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